Thursday, 16 January 2014

Labradoodle Fun and Facts. 12 Good Reasons for Bringing 2 Australian Labradoodles Home.

Handsome William of Tora Australian Labradoodles.
Kindly reproduced for my book cover.

Yes, at last, Labradoodle Fun and Facts is finished. It's available on Amazon and will shortly be available on Kobo, Nook and iTunes. It seems like this book has taken me forever, months in fact, but hey, there is sunshine at the end of every long, dark and difficult tunnel. This book also marks the end, for now, of my doggie books. I will post updates on Winnie and Hunny here of course.

So what's this book about? Seems obvious doesn't it, Labradoodles! Well actually, Australian Labradoodles. Many moons ago, a breeder for the Royal  Guide Dog Association of Australia was asked to breed a dog for a blind lady whose husband was allergic to dog hair and saliva. To cut a long story short, he came up with a Labrador/Poodle cross which ticked all the boxes and he named it a Labradoodle.

Old news you say? Okay, well do you know how the Australian Labradoodle came to be known and how it differs from a Labradoodle? Read my book I say :), but for starters, let me also say that the Australian Labradoodle has evolved beyond the Labradoodle through careful, consistent and standardised breeding. It therefore now looks and is quite different from a Labradoodle.

Indeed it is the coat that is truly unique. It is allergy friendly and non-shedding, which was the original aim of the original breeder. This has taken many years to perfect, and along the way, other breeds have been infused into the Australian Labradoodle to contribute genes specifically to its allergy friendly and non-shedding coat. But for some people like me, dog dander and saliva are also issues so the breeding programme covered these, also part of the original aim.

It is hoped that in the not too distant future that the Australian Labradoodle will be recognised as a Purebreed in its own right.

For me, Australian Labradoodles have everything I could want in a dog, and I can truthfully say, never having had 2 dogs before because I considered 1 to be enough, that my decision to bring 2 into my life has been one of the best ever. Yes there is twice the amount of dog food to buy and twice the amount of doggie 'doo' to clean up, but there's twice the love, twice the fun, twice the joy, twice the happiness, and no hair, no itching, no sneezing.

And my 12 good reasons for bringing TWO gorgeous Australian Labradoodles home? Here they are.

1. Personality Plus.
2. Family Friendly
3. Excellent Companion Dog.
4. Allergy Friendly.
5. Non Shedding
6. Easy to Train, Great Service Dog.
7. A Breed Standard.
8. An Accredited Association.
9. Bloodlines.
10. 3 Sizes: Miniature, Medium, Standard. 
11. 2 (desired) Coat Types: Fleece and Wool.
12. Many Coat Colours.

And that's That. Now to the future. My next book is called BROKEN, and is a Memoir. I have a first draft finished, actually it was finished before any of my doggie books had been conceived. It needs (I think) a fair amount of work as I haven't looked at it for around 6 months. May I look at it with fresh, positively critical eyes!

I'll be off to celebrate this afternoon with family, coffee and cake...mmmmmm...and be ready next week for a new beginning.

Take care everyone, enjoy your weekend,


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