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Your Baby as a Wood Horse in 2014.

Being a Horse myself, but only a little familiar with the finer points of Chinese Astrology, I decided to dig around online for more information. I discovered that this year is a Wood Horse or Green Horse Year (Wood is Green in Chinese Astrology), and much to my surprise and pleasure, I (re)discovered that I too am a Wood Horse. Then I found this in The Huffington Post and couldn't help but make comparisons!

Year Of The Horse, 2014: What It Means For You And Your Baby

Posted:   |  Updated: 01/25/2014 4:01 pm EST
Get ready, expectant parents. Jan. 31 marks the Chinese New Year and with it, the year of the Wooden Horse.
According to Chinese astrology, which has 12 zodiac animal signs and five rotating elements, a baby's sign has a strong effect on his or her personality.
If you're due between Jan. 31, 2014 and Feb. 18, 2015, here's what you might see in your little Wooden Horse:
bossy child
Horses are known for being strong-willed and unbridled as well as charming and intelligent. According to "The Handbook Of Chinese Horoscopes," the Horse is self-centered by nature and wants things done his way. "Performance and success oriented, he always has his sights set on some target... With his remarkable powers of persuasion, he will set out to sway people to his way of thinking. Snapping his fingers and clicking his heels, this trailblazer could talk you into anything once he begins to dish out the charm. People find it hard to resist his positive and self-assured outlook on life."
Wooden Horses are thought to be the most reasonable of the five types of Horses. (The last year of Wooden Horses was 1954.) Wooden Horses are less impatient than their brethren, finding it easier to be self-disciplined and organized, but they are still strong-willed and resist "being dominated." They are very happy and active in social settings and are known to be good conversationalists.
How To Handle Your Wooden Horse:
rebellious child
Horse babies are boisterous, full of life, and a bit devilish. "While this child will tend to be disobedient, stubborn and willful when held back," warns "The Handbook Of Chinese Horoscopes," "he is not the whining, crybaby type." Parents are encouraged to give Horse children plenty of independence and time outdoors since they don't scare easily and prefer to fight their own battles. Too many rules or restrictions will constrict Horse babies and cause them to resent their parents, but discipline is still strongly encouraged since they still need to learn to control their impulses.
black siblings fighting
Horses are most compatible with dogs and tigers and least compatible with rats.
Tigers and horses are natural companions, even partners in crime. Both are highly energetic, adventurous and emotional beings. 2010 was the last year of the tiger (Feb. 14, 2010-Feb. 2, 2011), which means siblings in these two years will be fast friends.
Dogs and horses are loyal partners. The dog is a good confidante and trusted advisor to the horse and the horse is a champion for the dog. The last year of the dog was 2006 (Jan. 29-Feb. 17) and the next year is 2018 (Feb. 16-Feb. 4).
Rats and horses butt heads and don't work well together. According to "The Handbook Of Chinese Horoscopes," the two use their wits against each other: "The Rat is clannish and possessive, while the Horse is carefree, independent, and afraid of being tied down." The last year of the Rat was 2008 (Feb. 7-Jan. 25), but a word of warning to Rat parents born in 1984 (Feb. 2-Feb. 19): You might find your new baby rebelling against you from an early age.
Noteworthy Wooden Horses from 1954:
  • Denzel Washington
  • Rene Russo
  • Ron Howard
  • Angela Merkel
  • Condoleezza Rice
  • Jackie Chan
  • Christine 'Chris' Evert
  • James Cameron
  • Yours Truly (maybe one day)
Having made the comparison, I can say that it's very close to spot on! Naturally, I consider myself an expert on the subject as I've experienced my life for nigh on 60 years. What I can say for certain are the following: 
  • Self-centered. Yes, I'm very focused.
  • I like things done my way. It just means I know they're done properly.
  • A trailblazer. I'm a private trailblazer, not so much a public one.
  • A positive outlook on life. I have an infinitely positive outlook on life, but sometimes life is tough. When it is, I'm tougher!
  • I'm extremely reasonable and very patient.
  • I'm strong willed and resist domination. There are exceptions, which cause inner turmoil :(
  • Good conversationalist when I know my subject.
Well, that wasn't too bad. All parents eagerly anticipating the birth of your Wooden Horse can rest assured. Your bundle of joy will have his/her/their (multiples) moments of disobedience, willfulness and stubborness, but that's because s/he/they are innately strong and independent movers and shakers and it will take their junior years, with your guidance, to learn how to direct their talents. That's good. So your job in the interim is to be firm with discipline yet understanding when your little wooden horse only wants free rein.

Personally, I believe it's great to have spirit. I'd rather be free-spirited and free-thinking, which to my mind go hand in hand. Free thinking opens the mind and therefore many, many doors and gives you opportunities that could otherwise have been missed. A free spirit implies someone with a joyful and positive personality and in a horse, a person with strength and courage.  What a wonderful combination for your new baby. 

And on that note, I wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year, especially expectant parents.

On another note, this is a rather short and hopefully properly published post. I'm having a few issues with, I think, the size of the HP article. 

As well, Tropical Cyclone Dylan crossed the Queensland coast early this morning about 600 km north of Yeppoon with a King Tide and storm surge. We've had gales since Sunday, so all in all I've been somewhat distracted. For us in the Southern Hemisphere, and living along a tropical coast means Cyclones, (Hurricanes in Northern Hemisphere) have strong influences to their south. Thankfully the winds have died down. Although the sea here is still wild, we now have lovely steady, instead of driving, rain.

Have a great weekend everyone,



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