Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Blogging's YaYs Outweigh YuKs.

IWSG BadgeIt's Insecure Writers' Support Group Blog Hop day again YaY!

My blog is nothing fancy, I don't have a huge following nor is it my favourite writing occupation. In fact, I never wanted to start one. So why did I?

I decided after I self-published my first book last year that I needed an author platform. You know, visibility. I learned all about it after I signed up with Amazon and bought some ebooks on writing and self-publishing. So I set off on the path of social mediadom - this blog, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ accounts. I had resisted social media before because I didn't think I had anything to contribute and neither did I want to 'engage' all the time. I was a private person after all. 

However, blogging provided many unexpected spin offs which I'm very grateful for. No, it's not the greater visibility, although that has happened. What I've found is this:
  • Improved book writing. Through writing my own and reading other peoples' blogs, I've learned a great deal about honing and cleaning up my skill. For example, my use of adverbs is now almost non-existent YaY! This is a biggie because I'm not a trained writer and I've climbed some steep mountains in the past year to become acquainted with the craft.
  • I'm persistent. I love writing. Sometimes I'm unable to write much for health reasons, but if I keep my blog going I'm still writing and improving my writing. I'm not giving up, and writing a once a week post is do-able.
  • Good discipline. It's a little like being persistent. Blogging is writing, and being disciplined about writing is always a plus.
  • Information. Blogging has opened up a wonderful world of bloggers and their information. If I hadn't started blogging and following other blogs I'd never have discovered so much helpful information on writing.
  • Helps with organisational skills. Blog posts need to be planned and organised. I'm not too good at this one yet, but there's been significant improvement in the past year. I used to have no plan and just write. Now I'm more organised and have a plan which I think of and add to during the week before a post.
  • Communication. I can write in my p.j.'s if I want to. I can write anytime, anywhere and no-one knows. Blogging is a means of remaining private whilst going public.
  • Social media. Social media is wonderful! Now I can communicate my thoughts and ideas across the planet with a click of my mouse button. I can tell the world, via my blog, about progress with upcoming books or how my week's been. If the world wants to know that is. 
As for the Yuks here they are just to balance things out.
  • Time. Blogging takes up way more time than it should. When I think about it I almost shudder. Some say half an hour is all you need per post. I don't. Mine are magnum opi, time wise. I won't tell you how much time I spend each week on a post. Maybe it's because I'm a 2 finger typist?
  • Pantster. There's that word again. Pantster. AKA 'fly by the seat of your pants'. I'd love to have my posts planned before they are written. And even though I'm improving, even though I now prepare before post day and have a draft ready, I often rearrange the post, like today.
  • Not my favourite. Sadly, blogging is not my favourite writing exercise. Despite all the benefits it brings to writers, and I firmly believe it does, remember visibility, I'd rather be doing something else. 
  • But it's growing on me!
Yes, I have to admit it. Blogging is growing on me. I'm liking it more with each post and if anyone new out there in writing world is considering whether it's worth your while I'd say a shouty YES.


  1. l wasn't prepared for the blogging experience either. I've met so many incredible people and have learned so much that I could never give it up. :-)

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

    1. I agree Anna! There are just some things you've got to try :)

  2. Leonie, great IWSG post! I've been blogging since 2010. Not as long as some folk, but it's been four years, and I consider it quite an accomplishment. I'm no expert on blogging. It takes me days to reply to comments, I only post once a month or whenever I feel like it. I don't follow rules or stay on a schedule, which irritates some people. But my blog is for me. To express myself. Journal as I travel this writerly path I'm on. Social media is great, but it can also bog me down as a writer. For the first three years, I spent so much time blogging and hanging out on social media sites, I wasn't writing! For me, it defeated the purpose of why I began in the first place.

    Don't get me wrong, blogging is a wonderful way to communicate with others. The IWSG is one of the best out there! I've met and remained friends with so many here. I often think what would I have done four years ago when rejections began rolling in? Without the support from members of IWSG, I would've probably cratered.

    I think the key is decide how blogging benefits you as a writer. It seems from your list above, it's been successful in so many ways. :D

  3. Ha ha, Candilynn, you're a girl after my own heart. I love to blog for me too. And yes, it's sometimes a toss up between writing or blogging, sigh.

    Thank you for your encouraging comment.

  4. The best part of blogging is the sense of community. You announce you have a new cover or book release, and everyone steps forward to help you promote it. You can't get that anywhere else online, I've found!

    1. Yes that's true isn't it? We can all help each other out.