Sunday, 15 September 2013

A day off...

Today is a day off in the sense that I've not done any writing. Hosing the veranda and housework, yes.

I believe the breakdown I had and the story it tells was a BIG factor in 'acquiring' CFS. Although that was 15 years ago, other more recent stressful events tipped the scales too far. As a result I have CFS.

At the beginning of last year I came very close to burn out due to circumstances beyond my control. Once resolved, I expected the exhaustion I felt would go, I'd return to full-time work and life would settle into a more peaceful rhythm. Well the exhaustion never left and in fact I had to reduce my work hours further.

In October last year I was diagnosed with CFS. I work one day a week and I get a little assistance, but together it's barely enough to live on.

Sooooo, I've started writing. I've always been 'told' that writing was in my life, but never knew what it really meant. Now, on the bones of my a*#e, I'm listening to what I was told, and am writing. It's tiring, and I have to pace myself, just like with any other activity, but I LOVE it.

AND, I can work from home!

So this is where this blog will go from now. It will head of into the world of writing with CFS. Happy days until next time xx

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