Sunday, 22 September 2013


This is Winnie on the left and Hunny. They are Australian Labradoodles and we all live together. Most of the time peace reigns, but some days can be crazy, and I can't pick them in advance! I've always had dogs and when my last girl passed away in March 2011, I was heartbroken and didn't want another dog.

Later that year I was talking to a friend over coffee and we were chatting about dogs..... Next thing you know I found Winnie, then Hunny 6 months later. It was good to have dogs again, puppies no, :). Winnie came along when mum was still living with me. She loved dogs too, but a fragile bipedal senior with a wheelie walker and a frisky quadrupedal junior with sharp teeth weren't the best mix.

A year later I had the CFS diagnosis, and it's now a year after that. Sadly I don't take the Doods for as many walks as I thought I would, but I have a big and interesting backyard for them. At the moment it's approaching doggy dinner time and they are getting restless. That's no doubt partly due to the fact that I've been on the bed most of today and we haven't had a play (I toss the ball, Winnie retrieves, Hunny watches).

I've overdone it lately, bigtime, and am having (another) long hard look at myself.

I said a post or 2 back that I was having a day off and then talked about hosing the veranda. With CFS? How? Well, I have CFS in a mild/medium way and can get about. Unfortunately, it still means I have to rest and pace myself everyday, but I haven't the last few weeks. When I feel ok I do what I did 3 to 4 years ago. Stupid. I can get away with it for a day or 3 but not a week or 3. Like I said, I've overdone it.

So here we are, all 3, on my bed, waiting for 5pm, dinner time. The Doods are lucky, I'll get theirs, but who's getting mine?

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