Saturday, 28 September 2013


This beautiful image came to me on Facebook a few weeks ago. I LOVE it! It struck a deep chord within me when I saw it. The image as well as the words.

We all have fears, known and unknown, ones we can easily overcome and others we never want to deal with. Some things are too scary after all aren't they? Hell yeah! And that's okay :-)  For me, a lot of things have been scary. I always wondered why. Maybe because of when I was a baby in a bassinette in the back seat of my parents' car. Dad was teaching mum to drive. We were going downhill and something happened to the steering. Mum no longer had any control. We ended up at the bottom of the hill narrowly missing a tree. As the story goes, I was thrown from the bassinette and was inconsolable for some time.

Could I say that fearful event set the tone for the rest of my life? Maybe. I certainly was shy as a child and have always been cautious. As an adult I came to understand how fear was behind much of what holds us back in our lives. I had 'known' that for many years. My breakdown made that clearer still. But then sometimes, something comes along which wakes us up a bit more to what's going on and why, and another piece of life's puzzle falls into place. 

So when I saw this image I had to laugh! Laugh because it felt so good to see it and read it. What an inspirational and memorable image to help dispel fear! It certainly helped me on a recent, notable occasion. I decided I was NO LONGER going down a particular, familiar, habitual fear path I had gone down in the past. And guess what? At that moment I FELT something within me change. Then wonderful things began to happen! 

So now I keep this image close, because it's beautiful and it makes me happy, even after this hard week with fatigue.

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