Friday, 20 September 2013

Hooray it's Saturday

Saturday is much like any other day for me,  as I only work 1 day a week now, Friday. Saturday is still a great day all the same though isn't it?

A full day working means I am quite exhausted. It also means I'm frustrated and impatient to get on with 'stuff' but I know now that I need to rest.

Even writing is tiring, and I need to pace myself with that too. This is the way with CFS for me. Every action must be weighed against its reaction. If I do too much, I pay. And it's not restricted to physical activity. Like I said, even writing is tiring.

Sometimes it's difficult to know when enough is enough, especially for a person who was very active and busy, and I go over my limit. So these days I'm pacing my writing, only working my day job one day a week, and watching my garden grow rather than assisting it to grow.

On the other hand, I also have Winnie and Hunny, my beaut labradoodles. They've done their morning circuit of the back yard and are now snoozing next to me on the veranda. I'll introduce them in my next post.

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