Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I'm an Aries

Exerpt from "Hunny Love" Book 3 in the "Hunny and Winnie Speak" series.

Aries born fur-babies are described as energetic, enthusiastic, independent, enjoy the outdoors, and are brave and fearless.

"I was born on the 29th of March," says Hunny, "so I should be all of the above. Let's have a closer look."

Energetic: In short bursts only. I'm not interested in sport much. I like a game of tug every now and then and tag occasionally. Chasing geckos in the backyard is about as energetic as I get. Basically I prefer the laid-back lifestyle.

Enthusiastic: For belly rubs, food, walks, swims, hugs and lots of kisses., and not necessarily in that order at any given time.

Independent: Yeeeeeees, but I like to stay close to mum.

Enjoy the Outdoors: Swimming, walking, the beach, the garden,sniffing new smells, checking out more geckos, echidnas, snakes (native Australian wildlife). Who doesn't?

Brave and Fearless: I bark at everything.

One-Person-Dog: I love my mum. I love to lie next to her, on her chair, on her bed, on her. I hold her hand, the hem of her skirt even.

Dignified: I always cross my paws. It's my speciality.

So what do you think? Am I an Aries? I suppose I am.

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