Saturday, 26 October 2013

Winnie's World

Winnie has written her first ebook, isn't she clever, seeing as she is a 2 year old Labradoodle! Now, she's written her second, which is about some of the daily challenges she faces.

For example, when she first came to live with me, her mum, she was barricaded into a small area of the backyard. There was a fence challenge that needed completion before she was allowed onto the BIG grass.

Next was a water challenge. Winnie loves water, as most fur-babies do, but for some reason what came out of the hose or the sprinkler caused epic warfare.

And what fur-baby and mum or dad don't have obedience challenges?  Winnie and I had a mostly smooth ride through this time of trial in life except on one very notable occasion. It occurred at the beach and involved a whole lot of running.

And after all the talk of running, Winnie and Hunny are having a quite rest, and I'm about to. Yesterday Hunny finished her first ebook, "Hunny Love", the 3rd short ebook in the series "Winnie and Hunny Speak". That's why we're all exhausted.

Little by little, and making sure I rest, I'm finding I can write with CFS. It is my personal challenge at the moment, as I am following a writing course with a wonderful coach. The course is intense, but extremely valuable. Thank you Angela.

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