Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Third Time Lucky

Third time lucky they say. Well by now I should be an expert! Here it is at last, sorted, done and dusted, the link to Winnie's book. Do I hear cheers and loud clapping? Thank you, thank you.

I have to say, I've used a computer for years, but never had to make links until I began a blog, which was  VERY recently. So I'm just a baby blogger learning a whole bunch of new tricks.

I have now finished the third book in this series as well. "Hunny Love" will be available from Amazon next week. But first I will post about the second book, and I will do that over the weekend as I work "out" tomorrow, Friday.

I must also say that it has been an intense month (not over yet) on the writing front with all the new things I have learnt. Moreover, I have had to look after myself especially so as not to become over tired, which I came close to on one or two occasions.

It's all about balance after all, and knowing ourselves.

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